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Subject: Number of fault messages to send after the receiver aborts ordered delivery for local reasons

First, a review of the discussion of this topic on yesterday's call and then my revised proposal:


1.  Here is what Tom recorded in the minutes of yesterday's call:

Bob F: suggested: Any additional messages that are received for an aborted group, until the group expiry time, MUST have the GroupAborted fault sent.

Jacques, requiring that every message received has to have this fault returned.  The Receiver may decide to only send once every 10 messages received in that group.

 Jacques: we should not mandate one fault notice for each received message.

 Alan: a responsible sending RMP will cease sending on the group once it receives this fault for this group.  This would be a small number of messages in transit which would require sending this fault.

Bob F: if you have high bandwidth, low latency channel , they could wait a few seconds to wait and send the fault replies.

Jacques: in ebMS people had considered a sender with bad intentions, to overload the receiver.  This concern is addressed in the design of the ebMS protocol.  In the same way we deferred the resend policy, we could say that the receiver must publish a group abort fault when the group is aborted.  This publishing could be open for config parameters to decide the frequency.

Tom:  We need further discussions.  Take to the email list.

2. Alan's basic premise:   We should not complicate the protocol to accomodate the exception condition where multiple messages are in transit AFTER the receiver has aborted ordered delivery for the group.  In the majority of cases, one or a few messages may be outstanding when the abort fault is received.  Hence, there is not a big burden for the receiver to send the abort fault for each message received after ordered delivery was abandoned.

On the other hand, the denial of service situation must be prevented, as per Jacques comment.  What if the sender mis-behaves and sends a very large number of messages to the receiver which has aborted ordered delivery and sent the abort fault?  Here is my proposal for this case:

"After sending 5 abort faults in response to 5 received messages after ordered delivery has been aborted for the group, the receiver will stop sending the abort fault."

Comment:  there is no need to complicate the protocol by waiting for n messages (i.e. batching) before sending the next abort fault and repeating this process endlessly.  Just send 5 aborts and be done!  After that, the receiver just ignores messages belonging to the aborted group.




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