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Subject: about "next" role/actor

Title: about "next" role/actor

Should we say anything about the use of "next" role/actor on RM headers?
> (Pete Wenzel) Line 98: Says "This specification addresses end-to-end reliability,
> and is not concerned with intermediaries." However, there is nothing to
> prevent someone targeting Reliability headers to "next" role/actor.
> This case should be explicitly forbidden, rather than left undefined.

The use of "next" seems inappropriate in general, as our model ignores intermediaries.
However I would not forbid this:
after all, the receiving party may have deployed several SOAP nodes to process incoming messages, the first one being supposed to handle reliability. So this may be a topology that is assumed between sender and receiver, even if an unlikely one. (E.g. we could imagine that there is a reliability contract between each pair of intermediaries.)

warn that reliability headers should not be targeted to SOAP intermediaries, unless it is the intent that the reliability contract  precisely ends at the first intermediary.


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