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wsrm message

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Subject: action item list from 5/4 meeting

1 Action Items

1.1 Action editors-1  (Marc and Doug) Pending

Marc G and Doug B to updated issues list to reflect agreements in CD .992.
- open

1.2 Action 042904-1  (Tom and Iwasa) needs discussion

Action: Iwasa and Tom will provide text for the new fault code and the 
reference to it in the section of text Alan cites.
Added GroupAborted error code to draft .996, however the paragraph which 
was cited to add the MUST return sentence was deleted. Did not add a 
sentence. Could add the following sentence somewhere:
When group processing is aborted, the Receving RMP MUST return 
GroupAborted fault for all non-delivered messages which have not had an 
RM reply sent.

1.3 Action 042904-3  (Jacques) Pending

Jacques took an action item to propose this new subsection on special 
considerations for wsdl request/response operations.

1.4 Action 042904-4  (Jacques) Pending

Jacques took action item to add appropriate text to also clarify that an 
RM-Fault must be returned if the message cannot be delivered because the 
requested reply pattern is not supported

1.5 Action 042904-7  (Iwasa) needs discussion

Action: Iwasa to apply all editorial changes from Tonys mail, except 
for those he considers in need of discussion.
Completed on 4/30, there are a few comments that require further 
discussion at May 4 TC teleconf.

1.6 Action 050404-1 (Iwasa)
? Action on Iwasa to add new annex pointing at schema with the 
disclaimer of precidens.

1.7 Action 050404-2 (Iwasa)

Action: Iwasa should check if item 7.13 is done.
1.8 Action 050404-3 (Iwasa)

Action iwasa needs to clarify resolution of item 10.3.

1.9 Action 050404-4 (Iwasa)

Iwasa has action item to update figures to get rid of application layer.

1.10 Action 050404-5 (Iwasa)

When used with soap 1.1, the soap1.1 mustUnderstand attribute MUST be 
present with value equal to 1 in all RM header blocks.

When used with Soap 1.2, the soap1.2 mustUnderstand attribute MUST be 
present with value equal to 1 in all RM header blocks.

Also: Version number should be in the title of the document as version 1.1.

Joe Chiusano moved to accept this change, Bob F seconded.

No discussion.

No opposition, motion passes.

Aleady been applied to schema and text.

Iwasa: action to ensure the two statements are included. Incorporate 
version 1.1 in title of spec.

1.11 Action 050404-6 (Iwasa and Tony G)

Action: Iwasa and Tony should work to resolve Tonys non resolved comments

1.12 Action 050404-7 (Iwasa and Jacques)

Jacques, took action, with Iwasa, to produce a new editors draft .997 
by Friday. Indicate which public review coments are resolved.

Tom Rutt	email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@us.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

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