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Subject: Slides for OASIS submission release candidate

As promised, here is the submission release candidate.

The editor has made efforts to collect all opinion however also took a bit of editorial license as well.

The final version will be submitted ca. 4:00p EDT.

For any comment to be reflected in the submission, it must be received prior to 3:00p EDT.

Due to the tight schedule, please restrict your comments to:

1)       corrections of technical detail mangled by the editor

2)       corrections to grammar, spelling, or other embarrassing lapse

3)       Any good joke as long as it is provided without copyright



All jokes will be screened by a dreadfully partial panel of one

Any found lacking will be immediately defenestrated and the perpetrator will be pummeled about the head and shoulders with a hail of derisive email.





Web Services Reliability Options.ppt

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