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Subject: RE: [wsrm] Slides for OASIS submission release candidate

I think we may have something here.
There are of course security implications which may require an expansion
to attribute types supported by SAML.  
At the very least there is a requirement to extend impersonation to
support the complexities of this genre required by WSNJ over JDP

-----Original Message-----
From: Pete Wenzel [mailto:pete@seebeyond.com] 
Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 4:54 PM
To: Bob Freund
Cc: Jeff Mischkinsky; wsrm@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [wsrm] Slides for OASIS submission release candidate

Of course, such TC will also need to specify a (reliable, of course)
Joke Delivery Protocol (JDP).

Its Message Exchange Patterns must include:
  The One-Liner MEP
  The Query-Response-Punchline MEP
  The Knock-Knock MEP
  The Shaggy-Dog MEP (caution: tricky termination condition here)

Acknowledgments and/or Fault Codes:

Final delivery date: April 1, 2005.

Pete Wenzel <pete@seebeyond.com>
Senior Architect, SeeBeyond
Standards & Product Strategy
+1-626-471-6311 (US-Pacific)

Thus spoke Bob Freund (Bob.Freund@hitachisoftware.com) on Fri, May 07,
2004 at 04:11:53PM -0400:
> Good one.
> Who wants to volunteer writing a charter for WSNJ (WS-NormativeJoke)?
> The basics ought to include the collection of all known standard jokes
> (of course) and a schema for their representation.
> -bob

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