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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Groups - WS-Reliability-2004-05-18.pdf uploaded

There are a few problems with the section numbering in this draft:

  Section numbers are missing from level-3 and level-4 headers in
  Sections 3 and 5.1.3.

  Some sections are numbered (1) instead of X.Y.1; prefer the latter,
  so they can be referred to completely and will appear in TOC

  Appendix A numbering format should be A.2.2 instead of A.II.B, for

  Table of Contents needs to be refreshed.


Thus spoke kiwasa@jp.fujitsu.com (kiwasa@jp.fujitsu.com) on Tue, May 18, 2004 at 11:37:48AM -0000:
> The document revision WS-Reliability-2004-05-18.pdf has been submitted by Kazunori Iwasa (kiwasa@jp.fujitsu.com) to the OASIS Web Services Reliable Messaging TC document repository.  
> This document is revision #44 of WS-Reliability-2003-09-05b.pdf.

Pete Wenzel <pete@seebeyond.com>
Senior Architect, SeeBeyond
Standards & Product Strategy
+1-626-471-6311 (US-Pacific)

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