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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Groups - WS-Reliability-2004-05-24.pdf uploaded


 Some comments on the latest version:

 Table 2(line 138) should also include the namespace for ServiceReferenceType
 Prefix: ref
 Namespace: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/wsrm/schema/1.1/reference

 Line 176/Definition of ‘Deliver’.
 I’m uncomfortable with the usage of the word ‘transfer’ in the definition of the ‘payload’.
 I prefer the words ‘makes available’. Proposed new definition:

 An abstract operation supported by the RMP. When invoked, the operation makes
 available the payload  data of the reliable message to the Consumer.

 Line 274 should be reworded to also cover the async. case. I believe I’ve mentioned
 this  couple of times before. The RM-Reply can either be sent in underlying response
 of the request or sent as  a different request.

 Table 3/Line 309:
 Is ReplyTo to an agreement item?  The schema on page 59 (line 1743) seem to
 include  this, where as the table doesn’t reflect it. I believe it shouldn’t be there, and
 table content is correct. If so,  we need to update the schema.

 Example 1 (pg. 17/line 510) still uses the old version  of ReplyPattern type.

 Same thing with  Example 3/Pg 23/Line 683. Should use the new ReplyPattern with
 Value sub-element.

 Same thing with Example 10.

 Appendix A:
 Please include links to the 2 new schemas (fnp.xsd for the F,P, & C constructs and
 wsrmf.xsd for WSRM properties).

 Remove the schema A.VI. from the document. If it has to be included, it needs to be
 correct with the correct namespaces.

 Examples A.VII.A, A.VII.C,  and A.VII.D use “wsrmf:DuplicateElimination” which should
 be replaced with “wsrmf:NoDuplicateDelivery”.


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