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Subject: 0.999 editorial comments

Line	Comment

93, etc.
	Change the many occurrences of two spaces, e.g. in 'else  "notify"',
	to a single space.

105	Add a comma after "side"

107	Change "quality of service" to either "quality-of-service" or

	The present text reads like it's about the quality of the
	"service contracts".

118	Change "and and" to "and".

119	Change "Message resending" to "message resending".

135, 138
     	Add a space after "Table".

135	Remove "Cardinality =".

135	Change "And type" to "The type".

138	Some of the namespace URIs end with '/' and some don't.  Is
	there any value in being consistent?

140	Add a new paragraph stating that XPaths are used in titles and
	other places in Section 4.

	Also add a reference to XPath 1.0 in Section 8.

165	Change "will be" to "is".

176	Change "receiving RMP" to "Receiving RMP".

185, 188
	Change "producer party" to "Producer"

	"Party" was used without explanation in Section 1.2 for the
	combination of the Producer and the Sending RMP.  It should
	not be used again for something different.

185	Change "sending RMP" to "Sending RMP".

186, 190
	Be consistent about whether the parallel sentences are one
	sentence or two and about whether the sentences finish inside
	or outside the parentheses.

192	Remove the comma after "header".

192	Change "identifies reliable messages" to "identifies a
	reliable message".

204	Change "message which encountered" to "message that

227	Change "E.g., Sending RMP" to "E.g., the Sending RMP".

228	Change "sent with Callback" to "sent using the Callback".

229	The definition of "Reply Publishing" uses none of the
	previously-defined terminology.  For example, "error or
	acknowledgment" isn't consistent with other terminology.

239	Put the definition for "Intermediary" in the terminology
	section since it also appears in Section 1.2.

277	Change "response to this request" to "response to this second

288	Change "sequence number which is an integer, and which is
	unique within a group" to "sequence number, which is an
	integer that is unique within a group".

291	Change "althouh allowed" to "although it is allowed".

294	Change "a sequence number" to "a unique sequence number".

300	Change "A Reliability agreement for messaging" to "An
	agreement for messaging reliability".

300	Change the hyphens to en-dash (0x2013 in the StarOffice
	"Special Character" dialog box).

303 	Change "protocol features, including details about choreography
	between sending and receiving RMPs, and timing parameters" to
	"protocol features, including timing parameters and details
	about choreography between sending and receiving RMPs".

	It currently sounds like "timing parameters" is a third level.

311	Change the first sentence to "Table 3 shows the Agreement
	Items that this specification uses."


Tony Graham
Web Products, Technologies and Standards           Phone: +353 1 8199708
Sun Microsystems                                              x(70)19708
East Point Business Park, Dublin 3, Ireland

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