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wsrm message

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Subject: Detailed Editorial Fixes for Sections 1 - 4 of ED 1.01

I am doing a complete editorial review of the document.

If you find a problem which is indicated in this mail, please do not 
repost that same comment.

I plan to post a contribution which shows the detailed changes to the 
1.01 document before Monday

Editorial Changes:

For PN18: Fix the namespace used for the ws reliability schema in lines 
(138, 494, 524, 708, 744, 821, 849, 932, 998, 1014

Line 82
Rationale: Middleware is an example of service provider
Proposal: insert “e.g.,” after “(“

Line 104
Rationale: “the an”
Proposal: remove “an”

Line 140
Rationale: xpath notation is used
Proposal: Add a new paragraph stating that XPaths are used in titles and
other places in Section 4.

Also add a reference to XPath 1.0 in Section 8.

Line 231
Rationale: Since the term “publish reply” , and “publish fault” is used 
in many
places in the document, this definition needs to be retained, but fixed 
as follows
Proposal: :
Reply Publishing:
A party is said to publish an RM-reply when the RM-reply is made
available to its destination, in accordance with the RM-Reply pattern
requested by the Sending RMP. For example, if the callback reply pattern is
requested, publishing the reply requires sending a callback message 
including the
RM-reply information. If the poll reply pattern is requested, publishing 
the reply
requires making the RM-Reply information available to be returned to the 
in response to a poll request.

Line 319 – GroupExpiryTime table entry
Rationale: non null positive value does not go with date/time
Proposal: delete “A non-nul positive value”

Line 543 – groupId table entry
Rationale: the detail reference to 3.1.1 is wrong. It is not needed
Proposal: delete “*See 3.1.1 for details”

Line 546
Rationale: typo
Proposal: change “iidentifies” to “identifies”

Line 557
Rationale: grammar , semantics (plural) apply
Proposal: change “applies” to “apply”

Lines 678, 763, 882, 903
Rationale: page break causes first line of table to repeat in continuation
Proposal: remove designation of first line as table header

Note: this is not done in editing draft 1.01E

Line 729
Rationale: typo
Proposal: change “as” to “has”

Line 777
Rationale: there is no range in this case
Proposal: change “message range” to “group”

Line 778-781
Rationale: grammar and consistency with preceding paragraph
Proposal: change paragraph to:
“When the RefToMessageIds element has a groupId attribute and 
SequenceNumRange element(s), the Receiving RMP MUST return RM-Repies for 
the non-expired messages specified by the combination of groupId of 
RefToMessageIds and SequenceNumRange element(s), that were either 
delivered or faulted.”

Lines 882 and 895 – Value table entry
Rationale: RFC2396 is not the value of the element
Proposal: Replace “RFC2396” with “None”

Line 961 thru 965
Rationale: The last edit erroneously made a change which limited the 
cases of applicability of the soap fault to just header problems
Delete “of” in line 961
Insert after line 962 “or other ws-reliability protocol related causes 
(such as elimination of duplicate delivery), ”
Delete “that contains the RM fault“

Tom Rutt	email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@us.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

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