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Subject: "However, an RMP is not requried to disinguish WSDL operation types."

I realize this text[1] must have been included in an earlier round of 
changes since 1.01 but believe our recent discussions calls the statement 
into question.  As we add a Respond operation, we also add a requirement 
that the receiving RMP know whether the Deliver operation should be 
correlated with an invocation of the Respond operation.  That is, the 
receiving RMP must know whether to wait before publicizing.  It will either 
(abstractly ;) deliver and immediately respond on the underlying protocol 
(Response RM-Reply pattern), send a callback request (Callback pattern) or 
queue information for a later Poll request (Poll pattern) or deliver and 
wait for the corresponding consumer response, then do the rest.

These differences imply the sentence quoted in the subject is incorrect. 
At most, the RMP is not required to distinguish between specific signatures 
(the payload syntax) described in a WSDL instance.  I recommend we strike 
this sentence.


[1] At line 1207 of EditingDraft101Idiff101H.pdf in section 5.2.

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