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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Duplicate message responses [was Re: [wsrm] aboutRequest-Response MEP]


If you believe it is impractical for receiver RMPs to cache consumer 
payloads until their associated incoming messages have expired, why do you 
believe it practical for sending RMPs to cache producer payloads (up to) 
the same amount of time?  The sending RMP may learn before the expiration 
time that it can clear a specific message from its cache but that is all 
that changes from one side to the other.

I do not believe it is practical to use a "reliable delivery" protocol that 
gives up on returning payloads after the first attempt.  I seem to remember 
we wanted to operate at least somewhat correctly across firewalls.


On 09-Jun-04 21:56, Sunil Kunisetty wrote:

> Doug Bunting wrote:


>   But this solution will result in practical nightmare. Caching 'payload 
> response'
>   until the original message expires is very impractical.


>   -Sunil

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