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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Strawman Proposal for New wording of Section 5.2


I do not have an opportunity prior to Tuesday's meeting to propose an 
alternative.  That is not good because I get very confused midway through 
this email as to how you are proposing to resolve the various issues I have 
described.  We may do better to talk about the features WS-Reliability 
provides in direct terms rather than mapping that language to WSDL.  That 
is, we can talk about which RM-Reply patterns support or disallow consumer 
payloads, when those payloads are returned (carried over the wire).

Your text seems to move further toward tying the WS-Reliability protocol's 
use of the underlying transport to the producer / consumer interface 
choices.  This seems to be heading in the wrong direction.


On 18-Jun-04 12:24, Tom Rutt wrote:


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