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Subject: Minor technical issue (or two) in the reference.xsd schema

The most recent copy of this schema[1] does not seem to support (allow 
validation of) the WS-Reliability 'bare URI' scheme.  To directly insert 
text into the wsrm:ReplyTo element, the ref:ServiceRefType type must 
support mixed content.  That is,

<xsd:complexType name="ServiceRefType">
     <xsd:any namespace="##other" processContents="lax"/>
   <xsd:attribute name="reference-scheme" type="xsd:anyURI" use="optional"/>

should instead be

<xsd:complexType name="ServiceRefType" mixed="true">

An alternative would be to leave ServiceRefType as is and define a 
particular BareURI (simple) type or element in either reference.xsd or 
ws-reliability-1.1.xsd.  Lots of options but the element would be simple in 
every case:

<xsd:element name="BareURI" type="xsd:anyURI">


<xsd:simpleType name="BareURIType">
   <xsd:restriction base="xsd:anyURI" />

    BareURIType would be ref:BareURIType if the element were in the
    WS-Reliability schema while the type is in the reference schema.
<xsd:element name="BareURI" type="BareURIType">

I lean slightly toward this second approach because it is more consistent 
with the other expected (WS-Addressing or WS-MessageDelivery, for example) 
cases.  That is, the element of ref:ServiceRefType would have the 
consistent semantics of identifying the set of messages in which the 
contained address is relevant.  The namespace of the contained element and 
the @reference-scheme value would identify the semantics of that address.

Which raises another niggle I had not considered earlier: I believe the 
namespace of the contained element or the direct inclusion of text in the 
wsrm:ReplyTo element (if we leave that option) provides the same 
information as the @reference-scheme value.  Do we need both?



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