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wsrm message

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Subject: comments on Jacques Update on mep mappings

Overall I think Jacques has produced the text we need to go forward.

I have some detailed comments, which are relatively minor (but important 
I think) on his proposal:

Tom RUtt

Summary of Comments on COntribution-JD-WS-Reliability-2004-06-21.Pdf

 From Tom Rutt

Page: 3
line 82 : Response should be Respond

Page: 6
Sequence number: 1
line 164: why must a receiving rmp which does not support response reply 
pattern have to implement the Respond primitive?

Sequence number: 2
line 179: I do not understand what "thus marking the end of the 
reliability contract for this message" adds to the specifiction of the
Deliver operation, especially if the request is part of a wsdl request 
response operation using the response reply pattern.

Page: 9
Sequence number: 1
Line 273: wether -> whether

Sequence number: 2
Line 279: add ," and a response payload (p2) to transfer in reverse," 
after "RMP2".

Page: 10
Sequence number: 1
line 301: the words "when explicitly mandated, like in the WS-I Basic 
Profile" should be restated as "when explicitly specified, for
example the WS-I conformant SOAP/HTTP-POST binding ?

Sequence number: 2
Line 318: the underlying response may not always be for communicating 
errors. It could be a success HTTP response, with no
soap envelope. Should be "and correlated with the underlying protocol 

Page: 12
Sequence number: 1
Line 364: must -> MUST

Sequence number: 2
LIne 375: must -> MUST

Page: 16
lines 494-499: this note is obscure: All we need is the first sentence.

Page: 17
Lines 528 thru 531: Again this paragraph is obscure, Only the first 
sentence is needed.

Page: 18
Lines 546 - 549: again this paragraph is obscure. Only the first 
sentence is needed.

Page: 45
Line 1354: there could be a note explaining that a wsdl spec that 
includes the wsrm response element as an output part bound to
the soap header is a request/response wsdl operation type.

Page: 47
lines 1410-1411: I do not understand why these two incomplete sentences 
need to be added. WSRM fault codes are defined

Tom Rutt	email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@us.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

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