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Subject: Proposal for procedure of the next telecon


Now we have time limited to vote for OASIS
submission that is scheduled on 7/13, we should
focus to resolve the current remaining issues in time, 
rather than creating new issues.
I would propose all prepare to agree with resolution
by the next telecon. It should be the place to decide,
but not the place to discuss more. All remaining
issues MUST be resolved by the next telecon.

I stronglly suggest we decide maximum time to discuss 
for each issue, and then make a vote for resolution.
Sometime all people may not agree with some resolution,
but we may need to vote for the proposed resolution 
to agree in time. If there is someone who is very 
interested in some issue resolution, I would suggest 
the person to voluntieer to create proposed resolution 
by the next telecon. 
I will update the spec with the resolution after the 
next telecon for final review.
We would like to have cooperation from all to make 
it on time.

Best Regards,
Fujitsu Limited

PS. I personally think it may be good to remove
texts controversial. I don't think it is problem
if some befaivor depend on the implementation,
if it is not critical. We can clarify them in the
additional document later, if we need.

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