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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Proposal to accomodate Chris Ferris comments - batch 2


A few comments below...

On 16-Jul-04 14:18, Tom Rutt wrote:
> Proposed clarification text to accommodate Chris Ferris comments – second
> batch
> Comment 4: Improper reference for ws security
This was comment 3.  Thanks for filling in the details I left out of my 
"3,4,6,8,10" email.


> Comment 8: Definition of PollRequest message

> “
> PollRequest Message:
> A message sent by the Sending RMP to the Receiving RMP that requests that
> it respond with RM-Reply information.“
> “
I would prefer we use the suggestion I made earlier which avoids the 
passive voice and describes a requirement not made clear elsewhere in the 

"A message the Sending RMP sends to the Receiving RMP, requesting 
RM-Replies for identified earlier Reliable Messages.  Support for this 
message is REQUIRED as part of the Poll RM-Reply pattern (see section 
2.5.3).  This message MAY also be used to augment other RM-Reply patterns."


more later,

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