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Subject: Proposal for CF4

Title: Proposal for CF4

Proposal for C.F. comment #4:

agree with C.F. (use MUST), although this is more a matter of optimization vs ease of implementation

"A Sending RMP MUST NOT  resend a message for which an RM-Reply with one of the following Fault types has been received, and must notify its Producer of a delivery failure instead:

Also, group termination must be updated consequently:
Section (termination by ordering failure), the Triggering event (in both Sender and Receiver)
should be extended with:
"...or a [sent] message is faulted with one of the codes mentioned in section 3.2.1"
(replace "sent" with "received", for Receiver)

Another a related issue, when a Sender receives Faults such as GroupAborted, or PermanentProcessingFailure, is that not only resending but also new sendings for the group should be stopped. That needs be made more explicit.


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