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Subject: Suggested work items once we complete CD vote

Here is a list of prioritized work items to consider:
1.  Resolve public review comments on WS Reliability CD we will vote on next week
2.  Plan for next interop to be both a showcase/PR event as well as to provide feedback for implementor's of the WS Reliability spec.
The competing WSRM TC spec had two successful (closed door) interops.  Resultant feedback/ iteration helped improved their spec
3.  Consider an implementation guide or best practices for WS Reliability.  Explain how several functions might be implemented locally,
 e.g. RMP receiver handshaking with RMP client/user to ensure confirmed delivery of message, action that might be taken in response to timeouts or faults
4.  Application guide for selected use cases, e.g. mobile client, order processing, e Business transactions, etc
5.  Tech Report: WS Reliability Composability with other OASIS WS specs, e.g. WS Security, WS Notification (includ
 ing subcription management and notification messages) , WS Resource Properties, WS Resource Lifetime, WS Base Faults, etc
6.  WS Reliability version 2 
a] Functional Requirements (new one's from results of interop and composability studies)
b] Specification
Let's consider these AFTER we have the CD vote on WS Reliability next Tuesday August 10
Respectfully submitted for your consideration,
Alan Weissberger

1 408 863 6042 voice
1 408 863 6099 fax

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