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Subject: What changed in 1.082?

Only a few things, as usual looking a bit bigger in the -diff file:
- small editorial issues:
-- "principle" -> "principal"
-- "may forward-reference other" -> "may reference other"
-- other odds and sods you probably will have to search to find

- made the references a bit more consistent
-- added reference for SOAP 1.2 Part 2
-- consistent spacing in reference names, "[SOAP 1.1]" for example
-- consistent naming for references to parts, e.g. "[XML Schema Part 2]"
-- Part 2 always after Part 1 in Section 8, References
-- clean up the blank lines in Section 8, References

- added
     "When the Response occurs under the Response RM-Reply Pattern, the 
first element in this list describes the status of the received Reliable 
Message.  In this case and the SequenceReplies element is used, the first 
contained ReplyRange element will include the received Reliable Message 
within its range."
after the bullets in Section 4.4 (as I proposed in my "What changed in 
1.08?" email)

- changes from the "CF4 detailed proposal for V1.07" thread -- after the 
amendments settled!  (including the wording update for the Receiver Side in 
T3 and T4)

- (editorial) changes that nobody has objected to based on my "Detailed 
review of Section 2-2.5, 5.2 and related definitions" email and the "about 
review of Section 2-2.5, 5.2" thread

I believe more work remains to clear up the rest of my "Detailed review 
..." comments.  To do that, I intend to submit a contribution based on 
1.082.  Without such a contribution, I do not think I am being clear.


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