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Subject: proposed edits for enhancing composability

Title: proposed edits for enhancing composability

When looking at some composition patterns of WS-R with other specs,
I observed the following, which I think deserves our attention for this release:

- One case of failure is missing: we have implicitly recognized that the Deliver invocation
may fail (as we require it to be "successful" in our RM contracts) but we do not say what happens in that case (after the message has passed every other test).

We know the message will not / should not be acked. But what kind of fault is returned?

Proposal: Edit Table 25 to add in the entry for MessageProcessingFailure:
"In case of failure of the Deliver operation, a MessageProcessingFailure RM fault SHALL be generated."

- A requirement of composability, is that we need to be accommodating of 3rd party faults:
in Section 4.5 (rules for processing faults): The response message (in case of Response reply pattern) may also contain a SOAP Fault generated by the next processor in case the next processor faults it.

If we accept the proposal that "Deliver operation failure" is one more case of MessageProcessingFailure, we must also consider the following:

depending on implementations, the Deliver operation itself may involve some external SOAP processing in order to complete successfully.

A specific SOAP Fault may be generated when Deliver fails on Receiving side (cannot complete). Then we need to relax the requirement that a "SOAP Server fault SHALL be returned". It could be another fault generated by the next processor (e.g. MustUnderstand).

Proposal: Edit in 4.5 "rules for processing faults" as follows:

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