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Subject: results of WS-R voting


The ballot for approval of WS-R as an OASIS Standard has closed. The 
ballot received a sufficient number of affirmative votes to meet the 
minimum of 15% required for approval, but there was also a negative votes.

The TC now has 30 days to decide how to adress the negative votes; see 
the TC Process at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#standard

If at the end of the voting period at least 15 percent of the voting 
membership has voted to approve the proposed standard, then if no votes 
have been cast to disapprove the proposed standard, it shall become an 
OASIS Standard immediately following the end of the voting period. 
However, if negative votes amounting to less than 15 percent of the 
voting membership have been cast, the TC will be notified of the 
negative votes, after which the TC shall have 30 days to take one of the 
following actions by resolution: (a) request OASIS TC Administration to 
approve the specification as submitted despite the negative votes; (b) 
withdraw the submission entirely; or (c) submit an amended 
specification, in which case the amended submission shall be considered 
as if it were a new submission, except that information regarding 
previous votes and any disposition of comments received in previous 
votes shall accompany the amended submission.

The voting results (with the negative votes) are visible at 


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