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Subject: Revised WS-R whitepaper: please review and comment- free advertising!


Attached is a revised version of the WS-R whitepaper I wrote for the XML 2003 conference last December.

Kindly review and comment.  I intend to publish this article in Grid Today- an online journal on grid computing.

What I urgently need is details of how WS-R is used within the Japanese Business Grid project (assuming that information is not proprietary).  I would like to emphasize that usage in the article.

Perhaps we can discuss this at Wed-Thurs f2f meeting. 

Tom, can we add this as an agenda item?

Here is a link to a Grid today article I wrote on WS-RF October 26-27th meeting, with a plug for the WS-RF App Note document, which I am responsible for.  We can get similar "free advertising" for WS-R in next week's issue.



Alan Weissberger
NEC Labs America
1 408 863 6042 voice
1 408 863 6099 fax


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