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Subject: Correction to Prelim minutes of Wed 11/10 F2F meeting- point 9.



Clarification about what I said regarding analagous work in other OASIS TCs related to the proposed WS-RM Implementors Guide.

9.  (Besides the WSRF App Note doc) WS-RF is also working on a Primer document, which will be the first place users would go to learn about WS-RF specs.  While the App Note will be non normative and would clarify or recommend solutions/ best practices for selected issues from the WSRF Issues list (e.g. meaning of nillable properties), the Primer would contain normative definitions, but not be a specification to be implemented.

WS-N TC is working on a "use case based" Notification Policy document, which will describe policy issues for the WS Notification specifications.  Some of the policy issues being considered by WS-N TC are: Durability & Replay, Managing message rates, Boxcarring of messages, Advertising continuity support, and Selection of subtree from large message.   Again, this will serve implementors as a best practices guide for Notification policies.



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