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Subject: Nominating Tony Graham for WS-Pedagogy Award

It helps, of course, to know Tony Graham (and his exquisite
dry wit), but this XML 2004 presentation deserves an award.
Superb!  More like this one, Tony!

"Adding Reliability to an Egg-and-Spoon Race"


This paper began by noting the essential similarities between an 
egg-and-spoon race, a computer network, and a Web Service. It then 
discussed ways of adding reliability to each of those without 
fundamentally changing their dynamics. The method, for Web Services, is to 
layer reliability on top of existing Web Services infrastructure, and the 
remainder of the paper discussed the features of the WS-Reliability 
standard being developed at OASIS and the WS-ReliableMessaging 
specification that is owned by BEA, IBM, Microsoft, and Tibco.

Based on the essential similarity of an egg-and-spoon race to a Web 
Service, it should be possible to create a reliability protocol for 
egg-and-spoon relay races that will deliver more eggs to the finish line 
-- especially where egg order is significant -- than an unreliable 
protocol under the same conditions. 


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