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Subject: Congratulations on the WS-Reliability OASIS Standard


Congratulations on the approval of WS-Reliability as an OASIS Standard. On
behalf of the OASIS Board and staff, I applaud you all for your hard work
and thank you for contributing to the success of global open standards.

Now that WS-Reliability has been ratified by the OASIS membership at-large,
advancing adoption of your work becomes a high priority.  I encourage you to
take advantage of all OASIS has to offer to assist you in this goal: the
ws-reliability-dev list, OASIS InterOp demonstrations, conference
presentations, OASIS Open Standards Days, implementations listings in the
OASIS Standards registry, publicity through OASIS News, XML.org, Cover
Pages, and other media, educational outreach, translations of WS-Reliability
into other languages, etc.  There is also a range of new adoption services
under development.  OASIS staff will be happy to join a future TC call at
your convenience to discuss all the options available to you at this
important juncture.

You may also want to consider creating a sub-committee or a new TC with a
specific charter to advance the adoption of WS-Reliability. By enlisting the
active support of marketing experts or WS-Reliability implementation
specialists within software companies along with interested parties from
end-user organizations, an OASIS WS-Reliability Adoption Sub-Committee could
work to create best-practice implementation guidelines and other promotional
activities. With input from participants from specific industries, including
the government sector, this work could also include the creation of
functional profiles detailing WS-Reliability OASIS Standard use in specific
industry scenarios.

Please work directly with your OASIS staff contact, Jamie Clark, to discuss
the various options for future activities or contact me directly if there's
any way I can be of assistance. We're also interested in your suggestions
for other organizations that would benefit from joining OASIS to participate
in WS-Reliability adoption activities or advancing WS-Reliability

Again, please accept my congratulations on a monumental job well done. I
look forward to recognizing your accomplishments in person at the OASIS
Annual General Members meeting in New Orleans in April.

Best regards,

Patrick Gannon
President & CEO
630 Boston Road
Billerica, MA  01821  
+1.978.667.5115 x201  - office
+1.978.761.3546       - mobile

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