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Subject: donation to Apache ??

Has anyone given any thought to moving the RM4GS
(http://businessgrid.ipa.go.jp/rm4gs/index-en.html) to
Apache?  I think that such a move would help build
acceptance/use of the WS-Reliability standard.

The reason I bring this up is that the Axis2
implementation has started with one if its express
goals being to provide better support for the WS-*
protocols on the SOAP stack.  At this point, there is
an Apache implementation of the IBM, BEA et al.  WS-RM
standard (see http://ws.apache.org/ws-fx/sandesha/)
being incubated.

IMHO, it would be good to have an "Apache" version of
RM4GS under the Apache license because then the guys
working on Axis2 and the Apache WS-* stack
implementations would consider it as an alternative to
(or a complement to) the Sandesha implementation of

Furthermore, puting RM4GS under Apache would mean that
Axis users and vendors who bundle Axis as their Web
Services platform (and there are many - e.g., JBOSS)
would be easily able to support the WS-Reliability
standard in addition to (or instead of) the IBM, BEA
et al standard.

Just some thoughts,


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