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Subject: Correction and addition to minutes of 1/25 call


I would appreciate if you would insert my response to Doug's issue in the minutes.  Only part of what I said was recorded in your prelim minutes.  Also, I am adding something you said about "priorities" to your comment.

I am using bold font to distinguish the additional remarks/comments.

Doug B: We are talking about an implementation guide, but now we are talking about delving deeply into that part. We had discussed in the past the need for general implementation guidelines.  Here we are talking about specific guidelines about ws security and ws –reliability aspects. 

We need to also work on the general implementation guidlelines, using feedback from interop SC.

Alan: I fully support the Implementation Guide.  In fact, I had earlier posted an outline for it.  I am suggesting that the work plan for the Composition of WS-R and WS-Security (as we have proposed today) should proceed in parallel with the work on the Implementation Guide.  However, I believe that the TC has agreed that the Composition work effort has higher priority than the Guide.

Tom:  We also have to pursue and progress the Implementation Guide document. The issue of prioritization will be determined by the contributions we get from the group for each of the documents.  We don't have to decide the priorities right now.

Alan:   OK, but I think that we need consensus from the group on what models, assumptions, and requirements are needed for the composability of WS-R and WS-Security (Part I Composability Concepts document).   That is a high priority, in my opinion.

Tom: Doug B: I was just concerned about the earlier discussion on the need for multiple methods of composition.

Jacques: Some of the work we are doing might go into an implementation guidelines document.  I would like an abstract processing model with multiple soap headers.  Going beyond this might also be put into a specific implementation guidelines.

Tom: there is an existing call to have members look at the translated document and add scenarious they would like to see in the guide.


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