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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Correction and addition to minutes of 1/25 call

I will make the changes before posting the minutes to the server

Tom Rutt

Alan Weissberger wrote:

> Tom
> I would appreciate if you would insert my response to Doug's issue in 
> the minutes.  Only part of what I said was recorded in your prelim 
> minutes.  Also, I am adding something you said about "priorities" to 
> your comment.
> I am using *bold font* to distinguish the additional remarks/comments.
> Doug B: We are talking about an implementation guide, but now we are 
> talking about delving deeply into that part. We had discussed in the 
> past the need for general implementation guidelines.  Here we are 
> talking about specific guidelines about ws security and ws 
> –reliability aspects. 
> We need to also work on the general implementation guidlelines, using 
> feedback from interop SC.
> Alan: *I fully support the Implementation Guide.  In fact, I had 
> earlier posted an outline for it.  I am suggesting that the work plan 
> for the Composition of WS-R and WS-Security (as we have proposed 
> today) should proceed in parallel with the work on the Implementation 
> Guide.  However, I believe that the TC has agreed that the Composition 
> work effort has higher priority than the Guide.*
> Tom:  *We also have to pursue and progress the Implementation Guide 
> document. The issue of prioritization will be determined by the 
> contributions we get from the group for each of the documents.  We 
> don't have to decide the priorities right now.*
> Alan:   *OK, but **I think that we need consensus from the group on 
> what models, assumptions, and requirements are needed for 
> the composability of WS-R and WS-Security (Part I Composability 
> Concepts document).   That is a high priority, in my opinion.*
> Tom: Doug B: I was just concerned about the earlier discussion on the 
> need for multiple methods of composition.
> Jacques: Some of the work we are doing might go into an implementation 
> guidelines document.  I would like an abstract processing model with 
> multiple soap headers.  Going beyond this might also be put into a 
> specific implementation guidelines.
> Tom: there is an existing call to have members look at the translated 
> document and add scenarious they would like to see in the guide.
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