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wsrm message

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Subject: Prelim minutes of wsrm tc meeting 6/28

the prelim minutes are attached.

We agreed to take august off from meetings.

Our next teleconf will be on July 12 ( to focus on extrating more 
appropriate ws-reliability requirements)
, with the following on Sept 6. 
Tom Rutt

Tom Rutt	email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@us.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

Title: Full Agenda for WSRM TC Conference Call –June 14, 2005

Full Agenda for WSRM TC Conference Call –June 28, 2005


The meeting of the WSRM  TC will take place by teleconference 

Tuesday, May 17, 2005, from 5:30 to 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time


Conference Bridge number Toll only : 1-512-225-3050 , 

1       Draft Agenda:


    1 Draft Agenda to WSRM TC Conference Call

    2 Roll Call

    3 Minutes Discussion

    3.1 Appointment of Minute Taker

    3.2 Approval of previous meeting minutes –

    4 Action Item Status Review

    5 Status of WS-Reliability Specification

    6 Composability with other WS-Specs

   7 WS-RX Gap Analysis

   8 New business


2       Roll Call


First Name

Last Name






Fujitsu Limited*



TC Chair

Fujitsu Limited*



Voting Member

Hitachi, Ltd.*



Voting Member

Hitachi, Ltd.*



Voting Member

Hitachi, Ltd.*







Voting Member

Oracle Corporation*



Voting Member

Oracle Corporation*



Voting Member





Sun Microsystems*



prob member

VISA International



Meeting is quorate.


3       Minutes Discussion


Tom Rutt Volunteered to take minutes.


3.1    Approval of previous meeting minutes

The minutes of the 5/31 Teleconference meeting are posted at:



The minutes of the 6/14 teleconference meeting are posted at:



Mark Peel Moved to approve the 5/31 minutes, Iwasa seconded.


no opposition minutes 5/31  minutes  approved


Pete Moved to approve the 6/14 minutes, Mark Peel seconded.


No opposition minutes 6/14  minutes  approved



1       Status of Action Items

1.1    Action 121404-2 (Anish) Open

 Action: Oracle will provide examples of soap header dumps with both ws-reliability and ws-Security headers in use, as in the interop demo.

Anish posted email:

WSS and WS-Reliability header dumps  Anish Karmarkar 24 Feb 2005 23:22:27

 Anish may post some additional examples of other combinations.  Leave open

1.2    Action 012505-1 (Tom Rutt) Pending

Action: Tom will investigate how to change the status of printed document.  The posted standard still states CD.

Continuing action, sent newest version to OASIS Staff with Errata to post before last meeting. 


OASIS Staff has posted the documents at:



Leave action item open until the errata index pointing to the errata cd is posted as:


1.3    Action 042805-1 (Jacques Durand) Pending

Action: Jacques will post a new version of the composability analysis, to reflect discussions at the F2F meeting.

2       Status of WS-Reliability Specification


The public and member web site pages for the TC to have a single announcement, which refers by URL to spec and  schema at the proper location on the OASIS web site.








OASIS Staff has posted the errata cd as:


However, on the posted standard the errata index is referenced as as:



The errata Index does not yet exist.


The action item will stay open until the errata index page is posted.


3       Composability with other WS-Specs


WS-Security Composition paper from Fujitsu, Hitachi and NEC:

               WS-Reliabilty And WS-Security - First Draft  


The latest version of composability aspects is posted as:

                Composability Analysis (V0.5)


Jacques has an action item to post a version reflecting the f2f discussion.


4       WS-RX Gap Analysis

The WS-Reliability Requirements are posted at:



The output of a task force effort (version .8) was posted, after the last meeting, at: 




Anish created a requirements analysis (marking both ws-reliability and ws-reliable messaging against the ws-reliability requirements document) , which was posted as:



Anish took the reliability requirements document to see how well ws-reliability and ws-reliable message specs meet the requirements.   He created a table to compare these specs with respect to the requirements.


He welcomes comments from the members.


Mark Peel : I was confused about the requirement R.3.1


Tom: That was intended, in my memory, to require that the spec was to work with Soap.  It has to work with soap 1.1 or soap 1.2.


Anish: ws-reliaiblity was defined in terms of soap constructs, ws-rm is not. 


Mark Peel: a soap binding is provided in the other spec for convenience.  WS-Reliable messaging is not limited to soap.


Tom: how would they be sent if not using soap.


Anish: that would require another binding.


Anish: the requirements document does not fully cover requirements for ws reliability.


Tom: people should feel free to point out needs for clarifications on our requirements.


Tom: there are a lot of things ws- reliabiity does which are not addressing in requirements at all.


Anish: I request Mark Peel to send an email on his requirements concerns.


Tom: we need to Clarify our requirements on reliability protocols.


Tom: one example is our protocol allows more than one sequence at a time, each with different reliability qos.  Is this an important requirement (it is not currently listed as an explicit requirement).


Anish: simple use case of an intermediary to assure the reliability qos is met before relaying to the service.  This would require protocol elements to assure delivery.


Tom: I ask Anish to send an email on this.


Tom: we should focus on discussions of the real requirements members see as important behind ws-reliability.

5       New Business

5.1    Next version of WS-Reliability

The working list of potential enhancements to WS-Reliability was posted after the last f2f as:



The TC needs to discuss if it will work on a next version of the ws-reliability spec.


This will be an ongoing topic on the agenda.



5.2    Future meeting schedule

One more teleconference is scheduled for July 12.


The chair recommends taking a break from having meetings, with the next

Teleconf taking place on September 6, 2005.  The future schedule can be determined at that meeting.


Bob F, any reduction of meeting time.


Bob F moves to accept chair proposal, Pete secondes.


No opposition.


Next meeting on July 12 to focus on our requirements.


I will schedule next meeting for Sept 6.  We can decide then on the following meeting.


Anish moves to adjourn Iwasa seconds meeting adjourned.

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