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wsrm message

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Subject: use of "wsrm" in docs. oasis-open.org namespace

     Recently another OASIS committee, the WS-RX TC, suggested that they 
use the partial namespace:


for final versions of documents.  The WS-RX TC is producing work 
tentatively entitled "WS Reliable Messaging", to which the character string 
"wsrm" was intended to point.

     I informed them that the foregoing namespace was reserved for your TC, 
and that in our document handling at OASIS, the first token space 
immediately after the domain generally is populated from a controlled 
vocabulary of the official TC short names.  So, for example, your OASIS 
standard is located at:

where "wsrm" is your TC name token, and "ws-reliability" is the product 
(spec) name token.

     Some members of the WS-RX TC indicated a desire to use the following 
possible alternative approach:


where "wsrm" would indicate a product name, not a TC.  As you may recall, 
at this time, documents are uploaded to the [docs.oasis-open.org] space 
only by OASIS staff action.   So staff approval of the correct URI is a 
practical precondition to any upload.  I informed the WS-RX TC that, if we 
received requests from them to upload to a URI of that kind, OASIS staff 
would inquire whether your TC (as user of the "wsrm" token) had any 
objection to it being used in a different context.

     Objections from your TC would not necessarily be determinative, but 
would be a factor about which we'd want be aware, before acting.  I see 
that you discussed but did not adopt a TC position on this issue at your 
recent TC meeting.  We would appreciate being advised of the views of such 
TC members as wish to express an opinion, formally or informally.

     Thanks and regards  JBC

~   James Bryce Clark
~   Director, Standards Development, OASIS
~   jamie.clark@oasis-open.org 

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