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wsrm message

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Subject: reliability of response messages

Investigating the update needed for reliability response messages (guarateed delivery), for users who need it:


Quality of Service definition:


When the GuaranteedDelivery Agreement Item is enabled for the response message in a request-response MEP, the following conditions must also be satisfied:

-          GuaranteedDelivery and DuplicateElimination are also enabled for the request message.

One of the two following outcomes SHALL occur for each SubmitResponse invocation that follows a successfully delivered SOAP request message: either:

 (1) the Response-receiving RMP successfully delivers (DeliverResponse invocation) the payload to its associated Consumer or

(2) it notifies (Notify invocation) the Response-consumer of a delivery failure for the response.

 In case (2) an additional delivery failure to the Response-producer by the Response-sending RMP may occur.



Functional and Protocol Aspects:


After receiving a request message, and if a response message has been previously sent over the back-channel for this request, then the same response message MUST be sent again on the back-channel of any request duplicate that is received. This assumes that the initial response is cached (until expiration or until it is acknowledged, whichever comes first.)

The request message submitted with Submit operation, must use the wsrm:Response RM-Reply Pattern. When under GuaranteedDelivery, the response message resulting from SubmitResponse invocation, may or may not contain a wsrm:Request element. If the Response message includes a wsrm:Request element, this element must use Callback RM-Reply Pattern with AckRequested element.




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