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Subject: Prelim Minutes of wsrm TC Teleconf 3/6/06

Prelim minutes are attached.

Please provide corrections to list before next monday.

Tom Rutt

Tom Rutt	email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@us.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

Title: WSRM TC Conference Call 3/6/07

Preliminary Minutes WSRM TC Conference Call Mar 6, 2007


5:30 6:30 PM EDT.


Textual Conventions


  Action Item



1          Draft Agenda:


1.      review agenda

2.      Roll Call

3.      Minutes approval

4.      Action Items

5        Review Application Notes Draft for Intelligent appliances

6        Discusssion mechanics of committee future

7        New Business


2          Roll Call


First Name

Last Name






Fujitsu Limited*



Voting Member

Fujitsu Limited*




Fujitsu Limited*



Voting Member

Hitachi, Ltd.*



Voting Member

Hitachi, Ltd.*



Voting Member

Nortel Networks Limited*



Voting Member

Sun Microsystems



Meeting is quorate


3          Minutes Discussion


Tom Rutt volunteered to take minutes.


3.1       Approval of previous meeting minutes


The minutes of the Feb 20 teleconference meeting are posted at: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsrm/download.php/22749/MinutesWsrmTC-022007.htm


Bob moved to approve the Feb 20 minutes, Paul K seconded.


No opposition Feb 20 minutes are approved


4          Status of Action Items

Action 1: Jacques will post CD for application notes on web site.

Still open Jacques will post on our site and to arrange for OASIS staff to post at correct url..


  New Action Action on Tom is update public site to ensure it has up to date links.

5          Discussion of Application Notes for Information Appliances

Draft Application Notes From Iwasa posted as: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsrm/download.php/22720/WS-ReliabilityProfileforInformationAppliancesEnglish1.0-20070305-2.pdf

And source as: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsrm/download.php/22719/WS-ReliabilityProfileforInformationAppliancesEnglish1.0.12.doc


Iwasa translated the document to English, with only one diagram remaining in Japanese. He found some portions which need correction, it may be corrected in a short time. Minor changes only. The English document is not approved by forum, but the original Japanese document was approved by the Forum.


Tom: are there any plans for attaining a formal approval of English translation by forum.


Iwasa: There are no plans yet for formal approval of English document.


Iwasa: I would like the TC to put the doc on the web site as a reference document This is a translation of a Japanese document approved by an external forum.


Tom: in OSI standards there were Implementation Conformance Statements proforma templates.


Jacques: EBXml has deployment Templates for usage profiles for standards. EbXml has a special TC to work on these, however the original TC defines a template to help users to define deployment profiles for a standard.


Jacques: Looking at the document that Iwasa Sent out, it seems to be a deployment profile for ws-reliability. It could help to have a template.


Tom: is the idea to have the tables from Iwasa document with questions to be answered, having empty columns for the deployment choices to be made.


Jacques; While this committee may have difficulty in approving a


Bob: looking at the calendar, we have a finite time to complete the committee work. If we have to do new work, do we have enough time.


Tom: could Jacques produce such a template in a short amount of time.


Jacques: I do not have enough time over the next week or so to produce such a table. I would like to ask Iwasa if he thinks such a document would help the forum in Japan.


Iwasa: it would be best for our TC to agree to approve the document to be CD at some status. The content could be updated in time.


Jacques: these users could start a new TC to do such a profile, but this TC does not have enough expertise in the domain of use that this profile is describing. It would be difficult to get the TC to approve such a doc.


Bob: this is a work product of another org. Would it not be better to put it on the web site of that organization, with us putting a link to that organization. This would avoid converting to OASIS intellectual property. If this is the work product of the other org, if it can host the translation we could point at it on our website, keeping ownership with the other organization.


Iwasa: I think this might be the best way forward at this point.


Bob: given the time it is a practical alternative.


Paul K: it would work out better, since if it is updated at the other site, our link would still be valid.


Iwasa: at this point the other org is preparing the web site. It is not ready yet. The latest version could be on our site, with a link to the other site.


Bob F: you would have to be sure that all the copyright is held by the other org.


Bob F: they could put an open source style limited licenses or copyright.


Tom: When could Iwasa get a stable URI from the organization or a document.


Pete: we need before April 15, because our web content is in stone.


Paul K: could Fujitsu give the document to the TC.


Jacques: it would still fall under external resources on our web site.


Paul K This could be progressed to CD.


Tom: but how can this TC agree on the choices for the Information Applicance.


Jacques: could be do a straw poll:


Bob F: I have concerns. This committee is put together on OASIS IPR rules. I do not know what the IPR rules of the other committee are. Iwasa may or may not be a representative of another org, if the work is the property of the other org. We would have to get OASIS IPR concerns.


Iwasa: this was developed by a forum.


Bob F: only that org has the right to make contribution to this TC.. If that cannot be done, recognize as work product of another org, and point to it from our site. Ideally get a stable URI at the other ORGS web site. More than that would be straining the OASIS IPR Policy.


Tom: with only a month left for this TC, a reference to an external URI would be the best.


Bob: could Iwasa determine if they can provide a URI.


Iwasa: I will see if that can be done.


Bob Then we can provide ref to that org.


Tom we can readdress this at our next meeting in two weeks. Then we can place a holder in our Web site to an information page which points to the actual documents.

6          Discussion of Committee Future

We are talking about dissolving the tc before the IPR transition deadline.

Teleconf on March 20 to finalize the tC.

7          New Business

Every member should be a public web site reviewer. Mail editorial issues to list. The public site will be all that is available after April 15.

Members should send email from now until next meeting. We will discuss proposed changes to the public site at next meeting.

Bob moved to adjourn, seconded by Paul K.

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