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wsrm message

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Subject: Fw: Process questions for WSRM TC


I had the following action item today's telecon:
> Action: Jacques to consult OASIS staff about IPR discussion. - Open  Iwasa
will distribute mail from OASIS staff.

Here is the e-mail from Jamie.
I believe the concern is resolved.



----- Original Message ----- 
From: "James Bryce Clark" <jamie.clark@oasis-open.org>
To: "Durand, Jacques R." <JDurand@us.fujitsu.com>
Cc: <mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org>; <tom@coastin.com>; "iwasa"
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 2:47 AM
Subject: Re: Process questions for WSRM TC

>    Hello Jacques. I am in Dublin at CEFACT but have seen the
> correspondence.  Under the 1999 OASIS IPR Policy, which I believe
> applies to that TC, an OASIS member is welcome to contribute work
> from others, as long as it (the contributing OASIS member)
> understands that it is, itself, making the assurance under our
> policy that the work is available for use, in the manner our rules
> require and with any necessary disclosures.  (There are quite a few
> examples, including , BPEL4WS v1.1 and some Liberty Alliance work,
> that were originated  *from* a group of entities not all being OASIS
> members .... This was no problem, because in each case the OASIS
> members who made the contribution were responsible for assuring that
> the contribution satisfied all OASIS input rules.
>    So, by posting this to the TC, Fujitsu is offering its assurance
> that (a) the contribution is permitted by INTAP and its various
> originators/owners, and (b) it will be available to OASIS and
> implementers on the terms required by OASIS' 1999 Policy;  and (c)
> any required disclosures of claim are made (if indeed any are
> necessary).
>    As to (c), please note that (as we've discussed) it's been
> acceptable to OASIS in the past to carry forward the pre-existing
> copyright notices of other organizations.  See, for example,
> copyright notices in the OASIS UDDI v3.x standards.  You noted to me
> that INTAP retains no claim in the work to be contributed:  but it
> certainly could retain its own copyright notice if it wishes,
> without undermining the rights OASIS acquires to
> reuse/reprint/derive from it under our policy.
>    Please feel free to inquire further if needed.  It's our
> assumption that Fujitsu (and INTAP) are aware of and satisfied with
> the effects of our policy.
>    Of course, the TC's decision thereafter, to approve it or use it
> in any way, is entirely a question for the TC.
>    Regards  JBC
> ~ James Bryce Clark
> ~ Director of Standards Development, OASIS
> ~ jamie.clark@oasis-open.org
> Durand, Jacques R. wrote:
>   > Just a reminder we would like to double-check with you that the
> > WSRM TC can accept this contribution from an org (INTAP) that is
> > not OASIS member, without problem.
> > - The goal is to reuse material from this INTAP contribution in a
> > coming Committee draft.
> > ***
> > Here is a copy of the letter from INTAP rep, to WSRM TC chair: ***

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