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wsrp-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: metek@touchtonecorp.com

Name: Mete Kural
Title: WSRP Roadmap
Organization: Touchtone Corporation
Regarding Specification: WSRP v2

Hello Sirs,

I read on the WSRP mail archives that:
"Nov 30: WSRP v2 approved as an OASIS std."

This is almost one year behind the original schedule!! If you are really going to deliver WSRP v2 around this late date, you should absolutely incorporate full compatibility with AJAX in WSRP v2. If you delay full AJAX compatibility to a release after WSRP v2 Nov 30 2006 (let me guess, would that be something like Dec 30 2008 :-) then I think the web application community will forget about WSRP v2 since it doesn't support AJAX. Both WSRP v2 and Java Portlet Spec 2.0 should have full support for AJAX and it should be possible to use AJAX-based JavaServer Faces components in portlet applications and have it work within the standards of WSRP v2 and Java Portlet Spec 2.0. I am hoping that the upcoming Java Portlet Spec 2.0 will fully address the AJAX issues. If WSRP doesn't, then it will be forgotten as another snail-speed spec that isn't up to date with current technology trends.

Thank you,
Mete Kural

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