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wsrp-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: remo.jongeneelen@gmail.com

Name: Remo Jongeneelen
Title: Freelance .NET developer/arch
Organization: Free IT
Regarding Specification: WSRP v2.0

Section 6.1.21 (HandleEventsFailed Type):
Within the specification PDF, member "index" is defined as an array of int.
Within the wsrp_v2_types.xsd this element is also specified with maxOccurs "unbounded". 
Both these facts mean that this member can occur more than once.

Yet, the description of this field seems to mention that it will always contain a single 0-based index. This also matches with the fact that there's only one errorCode field and only one reason field.

Shouldn't this field simply be of type int with maxOccurs 1?

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