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Subject: Re: [wsrp-comment] EventPayload Type in spec does not match WSDL

I have expired problem with create EventPayload on Producer.

My code is:
For UpdateResponse I creating array of Events:
(new UpdateResponse()).setEvents( here array of Event() );
Creating payload:
     EventPayload value = new EventPayload();
     value.set_any(new Object());  <== here problem!!!
Creating event:
     Event newEvent = new Event();
     newEvent.setName(new QName(""));

But in the spec described Object type for any:
6.1.21 EventPayload Type
 [R] Object any
6.1.22 Event Type
 [R] QName           name
 [O] QName           type
 [O] EventPayload payload
 [O] Extension       extensions[]

Why is it?

Can anyone help me?

PS: For generation code I use Axis1 1.4


> This was modeled after what we did for Property where the base type is also "any", but
> people found it convenient, for commonly expected types, to have an alternative
> representative.
> Perhaps additional description along the lines of what we have in Property would be helpful ...
> Rich
> ----- Forwarded by Rich Thompson/Watson/IBM on 09/20/2007 11:03 AM -----
> Nathan E Lipke <nlipke@bea.com>
> 09/12/2007 12:26 PM
> To
>       wsrp-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject
>       [wsrp-comment] EventPayload Type in spec does not match WSDL
> The "namedStringArray" needs to be defined and the "any" value should be
> optional.

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