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wsrp-conformance message

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Subject: [wsrp-conformance] Plan for July 24, 2003 teleconference

Just a reminder that we are planning to work on the Use Profiles document, so bring your comments.
Here are the details of a Sametime conference I have setup for this purpose.

Meeting Name                WSRP Conformance SC
Start Time                Thu Jul 24 12:00:00 2003 EDT (UTC -4)
Duration                  1 hr 0 min
Password?                 wsrp4conform
Moderator                 Rich Thompson

Meeting Bookmarks:
   For IBMers: http://d02db541.southbury.ibm.com/team/emeetings_out/stconf.nsf/openMeeting?openAgent&EA68AA2BEAC881F585256D6700436F5F
   All others: http://www-125.ibm.com/team/emeetings/stconf.nsf/ExtBookmarkView/WSRP%20Conformance%20SC

Rich Thompson

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