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wsrp-conformance message

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Subject: Information on wsrp conformance kit


I'm trying to use the wsp conformance kit  available at
http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/wsrptk to test
compliance with WSRP 1.0. (I had posted a message on
alphaworks, but haven't heard from anyone yet. Hence
this alias.)

To start with, I had set up the monitor from wsrp-conformance-kit
to run between SwingConsumer and producer from wsrp4j.
Does the wsrp conformance kit, comes with a driver or client that
automates the interaction with test portlets ? Or does one
need to manually click through the portlets to generate the
logs needed for Analyser ? I would appreciate if
someone can point me to the location with more details or
share their experience/setup with conformance kit.

Also, is this kit perceived as a definitive measure of
WSRP conformance or are there other options or tools
used for this purpose by vendors ?


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