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Subject: Re: [wsrp-conformance] Information on wsrp conformance kit

This test kit is an effort within my group to implement the assertions the conformance SC has developed. We are exploring how we can broaden the effort on this to make it a more definitive test for conformance. It does not currently contain any drivers seeking to cause the various test cases to have relevant messages to check, though that may be added in the future. The current focus has been on actually implementing the test case code for the analyzer.

I know at least one vendor has incorporated this test kit into their overall product testing. This resulted in identifying bugs both within the first version of the test kit and in the product's implementation of WSRP. As more of the assertions are implemented and more vendors incorporate the test kit into their overall testing, I would expect interoperability issues to drop significantly.


Maneesha Jain <maneesha.jain@Sun.COM>

01/26/2004 06:20 PM

[wsrp-conformance] Information on wsrp conformance kit


I'm trying to use the wsp conformance kit  available at
http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/wsrptk to test
compliance with WSRP 1.0. (I had posted a message on
alphaworks, but haven't heard from anyone yet. Hence
this alias.)

To start with, I had set up the monitor from wsrp-conformance-kit
to run between SwingConsumer and producer from wsrp4j.
Does the wsrp conformance kit, comes with a driver or client that
automates the interaction with test portlets ? Or does one
need to manually click through the portlets to generate the
logs needed for Analyser ? I would appreciate if
someone can point me to the location with more details or
share their experience/setup with conformance kit.

Also, is this kit perceived as a definitive measure of
WSRP conformance or are there other options or tools
used for this purpose by vendors ?


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