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Subject: [wsrp-coord] Event handling operation: Placement and Signature

Today's conference call came from two different directions toward the need for a generic operation via which the Consumer would pass events to a Portlet via the Producer. A couple of questions about such an operation are:

Placement? It was stated again today that such an operation would need to be in the Markup portType so as to allow proper handling of any cookies used to reference sessions on clustered J2EE servers. Any objections to placing the operation in the Markup portType?

Signature? The signature previously proposed was:
            events[] handleEvents(registrationContext, portletContext, runtimeContext, events[])

Andre mentioned that we might want to include an optimization whereby the Consumer could indicate (presumably in runtimeContext) that returning markup would be sensible and then also a place in the response for a markupContext. Any other comments at this point in the overall discussion?

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