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Subject: Re: [wsrp-coord] V1.0 API vs. V2.0 API


I had put off responding to your question until more of the active feature proposals had been incorporated into the spec. I have nearly finished the set the TC has judged as ready to incorporate and I would say that on a conceptual level the changes introduced by v2 are all optional extensions of v1 (with the possible exception of changing the meaning of a missing CacheControl). That holds out hope that a v2 Consumer could use a v1 Producer without significant special considerations as it would just mean certain fields and functionality would be unavailable.

As I started looking at the next level down recently, it became clear that the need to version the portTypes to indicate whether or not the new things were supported (e.g. getResource) would cause the Consumer to be sensitive to the difference between v1 and v2 Producers on at least the communications level (If I remember correctly, portType inheritance is slated for WSDL 2.0, but is unavailable in WSDL 1.2).

The next level lower revolves around the standard mapping of namespaces to hierarchies that most tools do. We have a choice of having the v2 schema be completely stand-alone (i.e. shared items are simply cut&pasted to the new namespace) or have it import the v1 schema and simply extend the types where additional fields are added. The advantage of the former is that is it clear what one is dealing with at all times (e.g. harder to get confused by the small difference between the v1 & v2 ServiceDecriptions) as the packaging clearly says which you have. The advantage of the second is that eliminates objects that differ only by their packaging (e.g. ItemDescription). The second may also reduce the effort for v1 implementations to add support for v2 as it is a minority of things that are being extended.

As for the reverse direction, I would not expect a v1 Consumer to even know to look for the v2 portTypes so unless the Producer was gracious enough to offer both sets of interfaces, such a Consumer would be unable to use the Producer.


"Klein, Avi" <avi.klein@sap.com>

11/21/2004 09:14 AM

[wsrp-coord] V1.0 API vs. V2.0 API

Hi All,
How do we (if at all) intend to deal with backwards compatibility between V2.0 and V1.0?
I other words, would is the expected behaviour in the case where a 2.0 Consumer tries to interact with a 1.0 Producer and vice versa?

Avi Klein
| iView Runtime Team | Portal Runtime | Portal Platform | SAP Labs Israel | T: +972 9 7779489 | F: +972 9 7779985


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