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Subject: Re: [wsrp-dev] recommended reading on wsrp?

Hi Brnhard,
The best thing you can do at this point is to study the open source wsrp products. WSRP4J is available with source and can be the best thing to start with. Get a copy from CVS and have a look at WSRP implementation. You can also check the source code of eXo, uPortal and Gluecode etc. The primer, i don't think, is going to be much useful. I tried it and destroyed one online dot net based producuer :-). Though I have not seen the latest copy.
Punit Pandey

PS: Sorry, I was confused with the list.

Rich Thompson <richt2@us.ibm.com> wrote:
I don't know of any helpful books and the like at this point. The TC has 
been working on a primer and a FAQ to help address this point. The primer 
is nearing a point where a first release will be reasonable while the FAQ 
has received a bit less attention. One of the things we hope to do from 
this email list is gather questions from developers such as yourselves for 
inclusion in these materials.

If you are completely brand new to WSRP, the one thing that I would 
suggest is reviewing the overview presentation and white paper linked from 
the TC's web page as these provide high level motivation for many of the 
detailed items contained in the standard.

Rich Thompson

"Schelling Bernhard" 
07/12/2004 11:35 AM



[wsrp-dev] recommended reading on wsrp?


Is there any recommended information/books/articles/websites 
on wsrp? I'd like to implement the protocol for a cms, but 
all I found by now is some vendor information and the WSRP v1.0 

thanks for hints!


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