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Subject: Re: [wsrp-dev] IBM WebSphere Portal and BEA Portal

Transferring security information is not a WSRP function. From your 
description, I would suggest exploring what WS-Security means for 
transferring the end-user authentication are interoperable between the two 

Espen Kjølberg <espen_kjolberg_2001@yahoo.no> 
12/12/2006 03:55 AM


[wsrp-dev] IBM WebSphere Portal and BEA Portal

  We are trying to set up a WSRP communication between WebSphere Portal 
(producer) and a BEA Portal (consumer). This works very well when it 
comes to add remote portlets in BEA Portal and navigate in the different 
 The challenge concerns security. The authentication of the end user 
is done in the BEA Portal (consumer) and to the WebSphere Portal 
(producer) we would like to send a SAML token or other some means for the 
producer to trust the authentication already been performed. The question 
is how to send this information from the consumer to the producer? Is 
this possible with WSRP 1.0 or will first be possible with WSRP 2.0 and 
  All comments on this issue are most appreciated!

Regards Espen


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