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Subject: [wsrp-interfaces] RE: [wsrp-wsia] [wsrp][interfaces] Agenda for 6/20Concall

Mike, if possible, i think we should synch up the terms/defs in your
presentations with the latest glossary defs before the f2f.  There is a
glossary conf call following the thur 8am pdt call.  I think we may be in a
good position after that to synch the two up.

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From: Michael Freedman [mailto:Michael.Freedman@oracle.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 9:47 PM
To: interfaces; wsrp-wsia
Subject: [wsrp-wsia] [wsrp][interfaces] Agenda for 6/20 Concall

   Another regular conference call tomorrow at 8am PDT
     877.302.8255 (303.928.2609)
     ID: 8814427

The meeting will focus on getting organized for the F2F next week.  I
have attached a PowerPoint presentation that attempts to follow the
agenda we discussed in this weeks Tuesday's joint WSIA-WSRP, namely:
    1) Overview of Interfaces status and F2F process
    2) Define Terms
    3) Overview of Issues
    4) Presentation my Mike and Carsten on 2 basic models.  Each will:
               a) present overview of model with rationalization
               b) present API
               c) describe basic usage
    5) Present other issues:
               a) Sessions
               b) Actions
               c) Templates

The presentation (so far) covers through the definition of terms.  [My
apologies to Jeff ahead of time for me every changing tweaking of
terminology].  During tomorrow's conference call I would like to review
this presentation and get your feedback.

Additionally, though I  think the agenda structure discussed on Tuesday
is good I would like to discuss the following issues:
1) The structure is a different format then suggested by Thomas.  Is
this okay?
2) Should Carsten/Mike jointly present/lead a pluses/minuses discussion
after both model presentations are completed?
3) Should we walk folks through either the incomplete Usage document we
worked on in April or the draft Requirements document we are still
discussing/completing?  If do then when?
4) I am worried that the 1:45 hours on Monday and the 2 hour breakout on
Tuesday won't give us the enough time as we need.  How much time do we
realistically need to do the (5) items above?  Also, should we count on
a 5-7 pm slot on Monday for another breakout session?    This would give
us 24 hours to stew on discussions before hopefully wrapping up
decisions in the Tuesday breakout.


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