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Subject: [wsrp-interfaces] [wsrp][interfaces] Concall summaries for 7/24 and 8/1

We have been discussing how to account for running in load balanced
[http based] app servers.  The main issue involves establishing the load
balancer key.  In http environments this is the http session represented
in a cookie.  Both primary producer environments we are targeting, j2ee
and .net,  tie http sessions to a notion of a (web) application.  I.e.
an http session is a shared session to entities running in the
application.  We are seeking a way that ensures producers can properly
and safely establish such a shared session though it may be being called
concurrently by the consumer.  The sentiment appears to be:
     a) we continue to support/expose the private entity session model
discussed at the F2F.
     b) we isolate the transport issues outside the protocol by
requiring the producer solve the concurrent create problem internally.

Mike F. has indicated he is skeptical we can describe a reasonable
solution for (b) and has suggested the serialization required to
initialize this environment should be managed by the consumer and
supported via the protocol.  He suggested adding a signature called
either "connect" or "initProducerSession" or "initTransportSession".

Andre K. who originally proposed some mechanisms for supporting (b) will
provide a more detailed explanation as it would work in a J2EE/JSR 168
environment.  This will be used to validate either the feasibility of
the current sentiment or Mike's skepticism.

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