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wsrp-interfaces message

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Subject: Please investigate your WS-Security support

For next Wednesday's Interfaces call I would like to begin 
discussion/looking at consumer/producer Security.  Richard has put a 
feature proposal out on the website which it would be good to 
read/review as it dicusses the landscape/layers of WebServices security 
and lays out a few use cases.  Besides looking at this I would also like 
to ask those individuals that work for companies that provide 
application server/web service stacks if they would try and determine 
what your companies plans are for supporting the various 
layers/technologies in the stack [in Richards document] over the next 
12-18 months.   I think it will be useful to ground a lot of our 
covnseration not so much in what will ultimately be there but more in 
what is practically there [from an interoperable standpoint] in the 
timeframe of our 2.0.  The rationale for this is that Securitry 
will/should become an urgent sticking point for a percentage of our 
potential customers.  
    In particular can you look into your plans for supporting:

    To a lesser extent it would be interesting if and what plans there 
are for supporting SAML and higher level layers of the WSS stack like 

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