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Subject: Re: [wsrp-interfaces] Deployment

WSRP is focused on defining the protocol between a consumer and a 
producer.  Though there are a number of producer specific deployment use 
cases I do think they are outside the realm of WSRP.  For example I 
don't think we will define an exportProducer function.  

As for your specific use cases:
(1)  Though the current use case limits itself to the same producer, it 
need not do so.  Its reasonable for us to expand this use case [or add 
an additional] where its a different producer deployment.  Though, in 
fact the second use case covers this, and presumably once solved is 
available for use in the first use case.  Bottom line, our solution 
needs to allow a consumer to export a producer and import into another 
deployment of that producer.  

(2)  Currently, I envision the following: consumer asks producer to 
export [a subset] of the cloned portlets from its registration.  The 
consumer migrates to another machine.  The new consumer registers with 
an identical deployment of the origin producer.  The consumer asks this 
producer to import into its registration the exported portlets its 
received from the origin producer.  [I am leaving out a lot of details 
-- like representations, etc so focus on the process].  So in the end 
deployment is only about import/exporting portlets not consumer metadata.


Coco, Christopher wrote:

>Is it thought that the corresponding producer use cases would have to handled out-of-band?
>The corresponding use case being as follows:
>1. Producer "Publishing" - in the case of the controlled environment, it is very possible 
>that there exists both a portal consumer and a wsrp producer that both need to be moved 
>from a staging to a production deployment. The consumer "publishing "use case covers the 
>assumption that the consumers (both the staging and production) are pointing to the same 
>physical producer(s), but what happens in the case where the producer(s) need to be moved to 
>another deployment? It is assumed that producer will have to maintain the same url?
>2. Producer Deployment - how does the producer handle the importing/exporting of portlet assets
>and consumer metadata (registration contexts) from one producer deployment to another? It would
>seem just as likely for a producer to want to import/export applications which contain wsrp
>producer offered portlets from one producer deployment to another (along with all consumer 
>configured portlets and the corresponding consumer metadata). Is it thought that the producer
>will maintain registration context across imports, or do a mapping of imported registration
>contexts to existing registration contexts on the target deployment, or neither? Off the top of
>my head it would seem that there are several reasons that would precipitate moving portlet/consumer
>assets from one producer deployment to another.
>Thank you,
>Christopher Coco
>Senior Software Engineer
>Vignette Application Builder
>p. 415.995.3534 | f. 415.975.9801
>Vignette's software and expertise help organizations harness 
>the power of information and the Web to deliver measurable 
>improvements in business efficiency. Vignette is the efficiency 
>expert. Visit http://www.vignette.com/ to learn more. 

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