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Subject: [wsrp-interfaces] Q: cloned portlet handle scope

HHi All,
 The question I have what is a cloned handle scope, when an explicit
clone operation performed on behalf of a specific user (UserContext
Will it be scoped for this user only on the producer side, or scoping
of handles is a consumer responsibility?
In other words: whether cloned operation is allowed based on a user
specific portlet handles?

The Use case: a User A creates a personal portal page, and customizes
portlet B, which results in an explicit clone portlet request (portlet
handle C returned). Then A wants to share a page with a group of
co-workers. Can portal reuse the same portlet handle (C) for any person
in a group? If no, can the clone portlet operation be performed on this
handle (C) with a different User Scope supplied, or this operation will
result in a fault?

Thanks a lot
 - Polina

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