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wsrp-interfaces message

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Subject: Re: [wsrp-interfaces] JSF-style systems and WSRP

FYI .. the call is next Wednesday, not today.

Michael Freedman wrote:

> The primary discussion topic for tomorrows concall is the issues 
> created by portlet containers that are impelmented over wsrp which 
> have a concept of a request lifecycle that includes both the action 
> phase and the render phase.  JSF is one example.  When last we 
> discussed this I had asked folks who had access to in-house JSF 
> experts to discuss this internally to get a better 
> understanding/appreciation if a problem exists and if so what type of 
> problem (and how we might address it).  Did anyone get a chance to do 
> this?  If so can you please post your findings/conclusions before the 
> meeting so we have a basis for discussion?
>    -Mike-

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