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wsrp-interfaces message

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Subject: Groups - Interfaces Concall modified

Interfaces Concall has been modified by Mr Michael Freedman

Date:  Thursday, 11 January 2007
Time:  08:00am - 10:00am PT

Event Description:
1-888-967-2253 or +44 118 924 9000 (Europe)
meeting ID: 345337
passcode: 060606


   1. WSRP v2 and WebCollage proprty rights:
      Rich pinged Eilon to determine current status.  Eilon replied that the issue is still being discussed/things are in progress.  Rich to report back in two weeks in the WSRP TC call.
   2. Export opaque portlet state:
      Subbu, in an e-mail,  asked what happens on export if you have a single portlet handle with two different portlet states.  Rich clarified that this  isn't possible as per spec.  There is only one state per portlet handle.  So this is not an issue.
   3. Review/Discuss latest Ajax proposal:
      Stefan asked how are shared render parameters dealt with -- Subbu says its up to the implementation.  I suggested we merely state these are handled as the regular action/renders handle them.  Then discussed how portlet that has advanced fragment scheme -- like prefetching would work.  Issue relates to in some cases needing to have the consumer update state and others not.  Suggestion was for the portlet to carry extra information in the URL extra/extended parameters when they needed to pass information that the consumer doesn't manage.
      Writeup says that portlet must you return markup.  Stefan asked isn't it valid to process an action whose result is no new markup?  We said yes.  Hence wording needs to account for this -- I.e. if a fragment request results in a response then the response must be generated in the same lifecycle/operation as the request.  

      MikeF suggested we not use the "mustReturnMarkup" name  as its too general.  Porblem is it not only means 1 phase lifecycle but also implies that the response content type is controlled by the portlet/producer and not the consumer.

      Rich pointed out that the first sentence second paragraph of section 5 implies this is sent to all calls (in case the consumer decides/needs to run a more complete lifecycle. As this isn't the case we need to tighten up the language.

      Issue on whether each extension should be in its own unique namespace vs. defining a general namespace (client). We seemed to prefer unique namespaces.  Though the extension to carry extra clientData is a general concept and hence should be defined in an open/shared way.

   4. How does caching work with getResource (i.e. portlet state is used)?
   5. Schedule next concall for 8th

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SUMMARY:Interfaces Concall
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  Michael Freedman

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